NO Unit Standard ID Title Of Unit Standard
1 117877 (C) Perform one-on-one Training on the Job
2 244100 (C) Apply Integrated Process Control Methods
3 244097 (C) Demonstrate Understanding of the Principles of Work, Energy and Power in Physics
4 244099 (C) Demonstrate Understanding of Liquid-Liquid and Liquid-Vapor Separation Process
5 244102 (C) Demonstrate Understanding of Water Treatment Processes
6 244105 (C) Participate in a Task Team in a Process Environment
7 244089 (C) Understand Applications of Physical Chemistry in a Process Environment
8 244101 (E) Use a panel or a computer interface to control a process
9 244104 (E) Issue a Permit to Work in Process Environment
10 244106 (E) Use Standard Operating Procedures to Control a Process from a Panel or Computer Interface
11 244103 (E) Use Automated Control Techniques to control a process

SAQA ID 58538 / Total Credits 140